PANOS S. SAVIDES S.A., founded in 1934, is a well established potential organization capable of offering an all-embracing range of services covering nearly every aspect of trading, including:
  • Market and product research
  • Selection of appropriate agents and representatives.
  • Development of Software application programs and/or adaptation/implementation of foreign developed programs to specific local requirements and standards
  • Sales of equipment for Banking applications
  • Translation into Greek/English, editing and printing of sales and technical documentation 
  • Shipping and insurance
  • Investigation into local manufacture and establishment of manufacturing Companies
  • Organization of Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Negotiations with Government Agencies, representation of Foreign Companies
  • Engineering and consultancy (land and marine)
  • Leasing trough our Bankers

PANOS S. SAVIDES S.A., operate through a network of representatives, consultants, engineers, legal advisers, economists and correspondents throughout the country as well as abroad.

Because of their established organization, PANOS S. SAVIDES S.A., are in a position to gathering of specific information or negotiate for or establish a product market far more quickly and at less cost than can a Company operating for the first time in a new territory. 

The strength of PANOS S. SAVIDES S.A. lies in its chain of established well-tried contacts and in its in-house facilities.

Members of PANOS S. SAVIDES S.A., have an unrivaled experience in negotiating either in the Hellenic or World markets in both private and public entities.

PANOS S. SAVIDES S.A., offer nearly 70 years of experience and skill in many trades and professions brought together to provide a comprehensive system which can advise on and direct all aspects of trading through a single channel, saving both time and money in investigating a market and establishing a sales base.

PANOS S. SAVIDES S.A., as a long standing accredited supplier to the Ministry of Defence, PTT (OTE), Civil Aviation Authority, Law Enforcement Services, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Public Order, National Information Service, the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, Potential Hellenic Industries, Hellenic Banks, Major Shipping Companies, operating in and outside Greece, etc., are an ideal organization to act as exclusive Agent of Foreign Firms.